How to deal with listing hijackers?

You’ve done your research, created great, optimized product listing, added quality images, paid thousands in Amazon PPC in order to rank your product. Sales took off and you’re hitting your weekly sales goals. Everything is going great until…

You lost the Buy Box on your own listing ?!

With success on Amazon comes the risk that some of the sellers will try to copy your success taking shortcuts, which is selling under your listing. These sellers are called listing hijackers, some of them will try to trick the Amazon’s A9 algorithm manipulating the price so that they can win the Buy Box from you. Once they take it, price increase and they make all the sales.

First step when dealing with people trying to hijack your listings is to be aware that you have unauthorized sellers under on your listing. You can either obsessively check your Seller Central account every 5 minutes or setup automated listing alerts.

It is important to always monitor the number of sellers under each ASIN you offer. You can do it manually, which is basically impossible to do once you sell more than 15 ASINS or you can use Amazon Listing Monitoring like Datanamo to get automated alerts.

We track your listings 24/7 and once we detect potential listing hijackers you’ll get an instant email alert.