Instant Notifications for Amazon Sellers

Listing Hijacker Alerts

We are constantly monitoring number of sellers under each listing. You'll now immediately when copycats appear on your listings.

Buy Box Alerts

Over 80% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box. Receive instant alerts on Buy Box changes, always be up to date with who owns the Buy Box.

Best Sellers Rank Tracker

We track the Sellers Rank of your monitored listings in the main product's category as well as in all of the subcategories.

Price Tracker & Alerts

Monitor prices of your competitors' products across 13 Amazon marketplaces.

Product Reviews Alerts

Reviews are critical in order to sell more on Amazon. Receive instant e-mail alerts when your products get a negative review. Track number of positive and negative reviews over time.

Availability / In-Stock Alerts

Get notified when products change availability status on Amazon.

13 Amazon Marketplaces

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Rapid E-mail Alerts

Amazon Badge Changes

Changes to Bullet Points

Product Images Changes

Listing Description Changes

Product changing categories

Changes to brand name

Product Title Changes

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